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Hi, My name is Greg Rich.

I’ve been involved in several areas of the freight shipping industry since 1988. Starting off as a Western U.S. Truckload Carrier, then a Nationwide Truckload Broker, I have spent the last 20 years specializing in LTL (Less than Truck Load) Freight. Living and breathing LTL freight on a daily basis, I have encountered just about any issue that can arise (and with LTL Freight, there are a lot of issues), from the most common ones, such as carrier invoices not matching the expected charges, to rare occurrences like missed guaranteed deliveries. I would consider myself one of most qualified experts in the nation to implement preventative measures or deal with the aftermath of these issues and, more often than not, WIN the disputes!


I have worked with virtually every LTL common carrier in the country for longer than most of their own employees (including executives) have, and know the individual characteristics of most carriers down to the last detail. This is essential in taking measures to avoid disputes and winning them when necessary, as well as in pricing negotiations. In addition, I have learned (and actually developed my own) “trade secrets” and other tools to always have the upper hand in getting the lowest cost for the type of service needed!


This site was developed specifically for shippers (especially LTL shippers) to contact me for help in any dispute with any carrier for any reason. In most cases, I will not charge for my assistance in shipper/ carrier disputes, as my intention is to be a much needed advocate for the shipping community.


I am also a full service freight broker offering LTL, Expedited, as well as Dry Van, Temperature Controlled, and Flat Bed Full Truck Load options, with the most competitive pricing on economy transit LTL shipments. Feel free to contact me for a rate quote or to discuss any of your shipping needs.


Thank You!!



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